The verdant queen of Satpura offers mesmerising views of forested hills, lofty waterfalls and stunning viewpoints. Being the only hill-station in the state ‘Panchmarhi’ is a great attraction and receives high number of tourist. Panchmarhi being surrounded by mountains, waterfalls, valleys, caves and temples offers a rejuvenating environment to the tourist. Besides natural wonders the other prominent places of interest are the gigantic waterfall called Rajat Prabhat, Pandav caves, Apsara vihar the bathing pool, Bee fall or Jamuna prabhat is the most photographed waterfall, Jata Shankar is the natural caves resembles Lord shiva matted hair, Priyadarshini the place offers bewitching view of the hill station, Handi khoh, Bison lodge, Reech garh, Dhoopgarh and Rajendra giri.

How to reach: Nearest airport are Bhopal (230kms) and Jabalpur    (260kms) to Panchmarhi. Buses, taxis are available from airport. Pipariya (47kms) is the nearest railway station to Panchmarhi. Being a cantonment area it is well versed with roads and provides good connectivity of state and private buses.