The place is bestowed with picturesque beauty with lakes, hill and forts palisade it. The legendry craftsmanship is seen in wrap and weft of the delicate hand-woven silk and cotton sarees of chanderi.  Chanderi is also the home of only Jama Masjid without minars in India.  The point of interest at and around Chanderi are Badal Mahal Gate, Idgah mosque, Battisi Baoli, Koshak Mahal, Parameshwar tal, Buddhi Chanderi, Chanderi fort, Chanderi museum, Shehzadi ka Roza.

How to reach:

 The nearest airport are Gwalior airport, Raja Bhoj airport Bhopal and Khajuraho airport with a distance of 220kms, 225kms and 230 respectively form Chanderi. The nearest railhead is Lalitpur at a distance of about 36kms from Chanderi. The place is accessible by road from all major cities like Gwalior, Bhopal, Khajuraho and Delhi.