'Bandhavgarh National Park'

Bandhavgarh palisade with Sal and Bamboo forest is well known for the famous ‘Bandhavgarh National Park’ and is the home for variety of wild –life. The density of Tiger population is among highest known in India. The park has rich bio – diversity with about 37 species of mammals, more than 250 species of avifauna and no. of reptiles and butterflies. The safari to the National park is a pure bliss for wild – life lovers. The closer look to wild - life in their natural home will enrich your experience and will make it an unforgettable one. If lucky enough you can have a glimpse king of all ‘the Tiger’.


Is the home of rare and nearly extinct animal species such as Barasingha, Swamp deer, tiger, black buck, leopard etc and is a paradise for nature lovers. The national park is also known for successful conservation of Barasingha. The place can fill you with thrill and adventure as it also offers night safaris, birding and natures walk.     Local liquor called ‘Mahua’ is quite popular in the area. The National park is among the most well managed and tourist friendly tiger reserve in India and offers picturesque view with huge plateaus, meadows and valley.


The exhilarating wildlife reserves of Pench is located at south of Satpura hills is a rich habitat of bio-diversity with some rare and endangered species. The royal Bengal tiger, leopard, wild cat, bison, sambar deer, striped hyena can be located in the reserve. This is the land which inspired Rudyard Kipling to write ‘the jungle book’. Walking through the Pench one can visualize Mowgli playing in forest and the roar of Sher khan.


The national park is known for wild cats, including tiger, antelope, wolf, deer, chinkara, cheetah and many more. Due to excellent connectivity the park attracts tourist from India and abroad. The Panna national park like Kanha and Bandhavgarh national park is under the forest department of Madhya Pradesh so the rules for safari is almost the same. Forest of Panna is dense and lies on Vindhya ranges, offers lofty waterfalls. River Ken is the life line of the park and offers boat ride with a win-win chance to explore some aquatic life.